Thursday, November 25, 2010

Successful Sit N Go Poker Lessons

Successful Sit N Go Poker Lessons

Sit and go poker also known as SNG is one of the best ways to build and maintain your poker bankroll.

The overall risk, unlike a cash game, is limited to your buy in, and the fact that you will have to beat out a limited number of players gives you a better opportunity to win.

Local casino poker rooms as well as every online poker room offers a sitngo poker in a variety of field sizes.

The majority of live casino poker rooms will permit a sign up list for players interested in a sit n go. If you want to play more sit n go poker, ask the floor staff at your poker room to start a list and make an announcement. You can also mingle through the poker room asking if anyone is interested in playing a sit n go.

Read more about Sit N Go Poker lessons in this article...Successful Sit N Go Poker Lessons

Successful Sit N Go Poker Lessons

Successful Sit N Go Poker Lessons

Sit and go poker also known as SNG is one of the best ways to build and maintain your poker bankroll.

The overall risk, unlike a cash game, is limited to your buy in, and the fact that you will have to beat out a limited number of players gives you a better opportunity to win.

Local casino poker rooms as well as every online poker room offers a sitngo poker in a variety of field sizes.

The majority of live casino poker rooms will permit a sign up list for players interested in a sit n go. If you want to play more sit n go poker, ask the floor staff at your poker room to start a list and make an announcement. You can also mingle through the poker room asking if anyone is interested in playing a sit n go.

Read more about Sit N Go Poker lessons in this article...Successful Sit N Go Poker Lessons

Monday, November 8, 2010

Meadows Poker Tournament Nets $21K Win | Pennsylvania Poker Players

Champion Jim Hoy takes down the Meadows Poker tournament, Hunters Extravaganza, for a cool $21,000.

The field of 89 players included 4 WPT (World Poker Tour) circuit players as well as several professional poker players from the area.
Read all the details at the official Pennsylvania poker players blog.

Meadows Poker Tournament Nets $21K Win | Pennsylvania Poker Players

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Full Tilt Poker Enforces Ban On Poker Bots

Full Tilt Poker Enforces Ban On Poker Bots

As reported on the Online Poker Rigged site, Full Tilt has banned more than 1400 accounts for using poker bots.

Seems like we were right all along!

Read the full story here.... Full Tilt Poker Enforces Ban On Poker Bots

Monday, September 13, 2010

More Ways to Discover Your Poker Strategy

As poker players, we are always looking for ways to improve our game, and ultimately increase our bottom line. Of course the regular methods of reading articles, blogs and poker books are helpful, one of the most overlooked ways to improve your poker game is in the radio media.

Over the last few years, poker radio shows have become more popular (as well as internet radio and podcasts). It is common to find professional poker players sharing their knowledge of the game on live radio stations. This is a good opportunity to expand your knowledge of the game through sincere talk from many pros.

I recently was introduced to such a radio show called House of Cards Radio hosted by Ashley Adams, author and professional poker player. The show is well formatted, wherein Ashley brings poker strategy to the listeners each week. Featuring professional poker players as well as game theorists and strategists like the recent show with Joe Navarro (former FBI profiler) on poker tells.

I was invited by Ashley to appear on the show to talk about Poker in Pennsylvania, since PA has recently allowed casino gambling in the state. My main focus, of course, is poker playing in the live casino.

The show is aired nationally on several networks as well as Internet radio stations available throughout the week. In addition, there is a section where listeners can retrieve archived shows and listen to programs they have missed.

I encourage all my readers to use this venue as a great resource for furthering your poker education by going to This weeks show features Myself and Gary Locke from New England Gaming News and will air at the following times on these stations.

Wednesday, 6 PM WPIC 790 AM West. PA / Eastern Ohio
Wednesday, 7 PM HamiltonRadio
Wednesday, 8 PM HardnoseSportsRadio
Thursday 7 PM ESPN Radio New Hampshire (WGAM)
Thursday, 9 PM WIFI 1460 AM New Jersey
Friday, 4 PM WIFI 1460 AM New Jersey
Saturday 8 AM ESPN Radio 96.7 FM West. PA / Eastern Ohio
Saturday, 10 PM TalkRadioX and KTRX 1650 AM Texas
Sunday, 5 PM TalkRadioX and KTRX 1650 AM Texas
Sunday, 7 PM HoldemRadio

For a complete list or to hear the Internet Broadcast go to the Station List

Just remember, this is one more way you can improve your game and become a better poker player!

Ashley Adams Bio
Ashley Adams' Books
Winning 7-Card Stud: Transforming Home Poker Chumps into Casino Killers
Winning No Limit Hold'em

Pa Poker Players Blog

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Poker Face – Reading and Being Read

Every poker player is quite familiar with the 'poker face' and the importance of it in the game. However, is reading your opponents poker face more important than the projection of your own poker face? The reading ability you acquire through years of playing poker and the aptitude to recognize different situations is only half the battle when it comes to playing an effective game of poker.

The other half is the projection of your Poker Face and how you can easily convince or manipulate your opponent into believing you. One of the best players with the greatest reading ability is undoubtedly Daniel Negreanu. I personally met Daniel at the WSOP in 2008 and was just amazed at his outgoing personality and his targeted reads at the poker table. A lot can be learned from Daniel and how he is able to project a convincing poker face to his opponents.

While many poker players will try to cover up their face with sunglasses, hoodies or hats, or even cover their face (ala Phil 'unabomber' Laak), many pro poker players have learned that revealing your poker face and using deceptive countermeasures are far more effective in misleading your opponents.

As a side note, Daniel Negreanu along with several other professional poker players have started a grass-roots movement to ban sunglasses and hats at major live poker tournaments.

Before you can work on your poker face, you need to learn more about the body language of the face and what tells are derived from it. Doyle Brunson once said,

"If I can see your eyes, I can see your hole cards."

Although this may scare a player into believing they need to cover their eyes with sunglasses or a hat to prevent a pro from learning the secrets of their poker hand, the reality is that, Doyle, or any experienced pro, does not need to see your eyes. That statement is merely a diversionary tactic to draw attention away from the real tells people give away when they play poker.

The truth is, that the poker face is not just resigned to the face, it is more about body language as a whole and the behavior of a person in a certain situation. I always amaze my daughter with the fact I know when she is not telling me the truth, just as any parent is usually able to do, not because I can read her mind, rather I am familiar with her body language, mannerisms and behaviors.

Those are the basic keys to having the ability to read your opponent, and furthermore they are the keys to you projecting your poker face to lead your opponent into believing what you want them to believe. So remember, when playing poker, putting on your poker face is not about hiding your hand, rather it is about telling your opponent what you want him to believe you are holding!

An excellent book on the subject is from a magician and mentalist, known as The Mind Reader. His book is called The Poker Face and gives great tips and strategies for reading body language and detecting lies. It is available as an instant download at

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Midnite Madness Live Poker Tournament - Meadows PA Poker Room

Nearly 60 late nite poker players abandoned their hopes of turning in early this past Saturday night and instead opted in to playing the newly featured 'Midnite Madness' Tournament held at the Meadows Racetrack and Casino in Washington PA.

The tournament was the brainchild of poker room manager Peter Lau and Princess of Poker Donna Lapia in an effort to give tournament players a venue to satisfy their late night urge to play a poker tournament. Similar events are held at major casinos across the USA, however, the Meadows tournament brings a little added flavor!

The starting stack is a very generous $12,000 with a dealer buy add on of $1500 ($5 gratuity). The blind levels, in keeping with the '12' theme of a true midnite madness, are 12 minutes long. Players can expect plenty of play for their $50 buy in especially since there are no antes throughout the tourney coupled with the generous starting stack.

With a total of 58 players and a first place prize of $835, the shuffle up and deal announcement was made at just a minute after midnite. Play moved along fairly swiftly as the players adjusted to a faster blind level. By Level 10, with blinds at 2K and 4k, the bubble broke as the remaining 10 players convened to their final table.

Action at first was quite soft as shortstacks found places to double up while the big stacks (including the final table chip leader Carl C. of Washington PA) waited patiently for their chance to KO opponents. Finally with 4 minutes remaining in Level 16 (blinds 10K - 20K) the final 4 were battling it out as the shortstack pushed his 35K all in against the BB who made the call for an additional 15K.

The shortstack tabled Ace 2 suited while the BB reluctantly turned over his 9 5 off. Dealer Micheal spread the flop of 6 3 7, burned and turned an 8 and brought down an irrelevant river 4, giving the BB a winning 7 card straight. With about 780,000 in play that Left the 3 remaining players (Carl, Chuck and Pat) to enter level 17 after nearly 3 and a half hours all with fairly even stacks.

Floor manager John, as well as several other players gathered near the final table to watch the action. Carl C, the overwhelming chip leader throughout most of the tournament raised all in with KQ of hearts on the button against the pocket 10's of Chuck in the BB. Micheal spread a board of J 2 9, giving Carl a glimpse of hope on a gut shot or over card, however the 6 and 5 on the turn and river exasperated Carl's hopes of a first place finish as Chuck scooped in the pot. Carl's third place win netted him nearly $250.

Heads up began and ended quickly on the second hand as Pat made a move against Chuck showing 10 5 off to Chucks Q 8 suited. The board ran out J 7 2 2 6, giving Chuck a Queen high win to take down the $835 prize. Pat's second place finish rewarded him with a little over $420.

The Midnite Madness tourney is an exciting tournament to play in and will be a staple every Friday and Saturday night. Registration begins at 10:00pm on Friday and Saturday evening. Buy in is $50, Hope to see you there!

Monday, August 16, 2010

7 Card Stud Live Poker Tournament At The Meadows

28 players anxiously awaited the arrival of the first live 7 card stud tourney in Pennsylvania, this past Sunday afternoon. Spreading a game such as 7 card stud sometimes is difficult in many casinos, not so much that the game is unpopular, rather it is underpopulated in many areas.

The Meadows Racetrack and Casino in Washington, PA aims to change that idea as a multitude of players in this area are just as well versed in the many varieties of poker aside from Texas Holdem.

Nowadays, when people talk of poker, Texas holdem is the game that comes to mind, yet a lot of new players (as well as the old school players) are venturing into and honing their skills in these ancillary games that at one time were mainstays of every poker night across the USA. Even major venues, such as the WSOP (World Series of Poker) features an annual bracelet event in 7 Card stud.

Peter Lau, poker room manager, announced last week that the Meadows will feature a special 7 card stud tournament every Sunday after several players approached him with their request. The turnout, according to Peter, was more than he had expected and the players were more than happy with the field size.

Several of the players at Sunday's tourney were satisfied and proud that The Meadows was willing to host a tourney with them in mind. The Meadows has taken a step toward becoming a true poker venue, as they also plan Omaha tourneys as well as mixed games at the players request. It is quite refreshing to see that a poker room is willing to accommodate all poker players in any variety of the game and not just offer texas holdem as the only option. Three cheers for customer service!

It is my hope that the 7 Card stud tournaments will continue to grow and attract more players each week, as Peter intends to hold the tournament every Sunday at 3:00pm. I also am anxious to see if a potential tournament satellite into the WSOP for the 7 card stud event could materialize as interest grows.

For all you stud players out there, drop by the Meadows and let Peter or the staff know you want to see more of the game, I am confident, they will listen to us, the players!

For more information on the Meadows, their Poker Room or Tournaments, please contact Peter Lau, myself or the Pennsylvania Poker Players website.

Good Luck and hope to see all you stud players next week!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Meadows Live Poker Tournaments Schedule Released

The Meadows Poker Room has released their schedule for live poker tournaments held every day.
More than 50 tournaments are open each month with a variety of buy ins and types.
Monday10:30amNo Limit Hold'em$30 + 1018 min.4000

7:30pmNo Limit Hold'em$30 + 1018 min.4000
Tuesday10:30amNo Limit Hold'em$30 + 1018 min.4000

7:30pmNo Limit Hold'em$50 + 1518 min.5000
Wednesday10:30amNo Limit Hold'em$30 + 1018 min.4000

7:30pmNo Limit Hold'em$100 + 2018 min.6000
Thursday10:30amNo Limit Hold'em$30 + 1018 min.4000

7:30pmNo Limit Hold'emBounty Hunter$50 + 15($10 Bounty)18 min.5000
Friday10:30amNo Limit Hold'em$30 + 1018 min.4000

4:00pmNo Limit Hold'emSit n Go Frenzy$50 + 15 and$100 + 1720 min.2000

7:30pmNo Limit Hold'emTurbo 55$40 + 1010 min.5500
Saturday10:30amNo Limit Hold'em$50 + 1520 min.5000

3:00pmNo Limit Hold'em Deep Stack Grinder$200 + 25($25 Bounty)18 min.10000
Sunday10:30amNo Limit Hold'em$30 + 1018 min.4000

3:00pm7 Card Stud$40 + 1018 min.3000
* Dealer add-on $1000 Bonus Chips - $5

The Blind Structure for the $40 and $65 Tourneys is as follows:(Structure for the Deepstack, Sit N Go and Stud, to be announced)

Level Ante Blinds (SB - BB)
1 - 25 - 50
2 - 50 - 100
3 - 100 - 200
4 25 100 - 200
5 50 200 - 400

10 Minute Break
6 100 400 - 800
7 200 600 - 1200
8 300 800 - 1600
9 300 1000 - 2000
10 500 1500 - 3000

10 Minute Break
11 500 2000 - 4000
12 1000 3000 - 6000
13 1000 4000 - 8000
14 2000 6000 - 12000

10 Minute Break
15 3000 8000 - 16000
16 3000 10000 - 20000
17 5000 15000 - 30000
18 By Director

Additional Information is found on the PA Poker Players website.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Players Advantage - New Poker Player Article

Players Advantage, a column in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review published an article on new players to the poker room this past weekend. Mark Gruetze, Administrative Editor for the Pittsburgh Tribune Review interviewed me recently and wrote an informative article for new poker players entering what is now a thriving casino business in Pennsylvania.

Read the article at the Pittsburgh Tribune Review.

Also see a list of the four local casinos (The Rivers, The Meadows, Mountaineer Casino and Wheeling Island) and their offerings of poker games at Live Poker Room @ Players Advantage.

Mark Gruetze has been a recreational gambler for more than 30 years, focusing on blackjack, video poker and poker. He is administrative editor of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Friday, August 6, 2010

First Poker Tournament in PA Well Received

Pennsylvania's first legal poker tournament took place today at the Meadows Casino and Racetrack in Washington PA. I arrived at 9:30, just to avoid any potential rush of tournament players and was relieved to see that there were just a few signups.

Tension was a little thick as the poker room management(Peter Lau and Donna Lapia, readied the tables along with help from the well-expereinced poker dealers on staff. In addition, several 'suits' were hanging around (puportedly PGCB and Upper level Meadows management) ready to oversee what would historically be the first legal poker tournament in Pennsylvania.

I registered and took a late breakfast and coffee break in anticipation of playing in this tourney. When I returned to the Poker room at 10:28 am I was surprised to see 5 tables filling up for the tournament. What a great turnout! Especially since the tournament was not announced or advertised.

After a brief settling, the tourney got underway.

The Basics:

The buy-in is $40 with a $5 dealer add on bonus, initial chips: $4,000, add-on $1,000.
The structure was player friendly considering the amount of chips as the blind levels were 18 minutes long with starting blinds at $50 and $100.

The tables were hand dealt (the final table used the shufflemaster), however the hands per hour were above average.

42 players registered to the tourney with a payout scale going to the top 5:

1st $567.00
2nd $315.00
3rd $189.00
4th $113.00
5th $ 76.00

The Play

Most of the play at my table was soft with just a little aggression in the early blinds, I ended the first break (at level 5) with a little more than 10K in chips and the field had narrowed to 34.

Although I had played hundreds of low stakes tourneys at Wheeling Island the last few years, this first PA Poker tourney lacked the uber-aggression and complacency commonly seen at the latter. The dealers and staff were very attentive to the level-ups. Although there was problems with the tournament clock in the beginning, (frozen at one point), it was quickly reset, while play continued without missing a beat.

Dealer pushes were done quickly and extra effort was made to ensure the tournament moved along. Going into level 7 (600 and 1200, 200 ante), we were down to 18 players, I sat close to the average with 12K in chips. The final table convened during the 9th Level (1000 and 2000, 300 ante) with 10 players remaining.

The Final table was moved to a poker table with an automatic shuffler and play resumed quickly as seats were assigned. During the break the 100 chips were raced off, and play continued. We had made a deal for the bubble boy, which encouraged two shortstacks to move in and shortly thereafter we were down to the final 5.

With 3 minutes remaining in Level 10 (1500 and 3000, 500 ante), the bubble broke and 5 players remained to capture the title of the winner of the first poker tournament in PA. I lasted until 4th place (Level 11) moving all in on the button with 33 against the BB who showed A6os, flopping a 6 to end my run to be the first winner. Shortly thereafter player 3 went down and heads up play commenced at level 12 (3,000 and 6,000, ante 1000).

Lasting less than 10 minutes, the two players got it all in when the button limped and the BB shoved all in, getting a quick call from his opponent. The tabled hands were (Button) AA, (BB) 4 6os. The flop came down 3 4 4, enough of a sweat for the AA as a turn came down blank and the river Ace giving the champion aces full.

The tourney ended around 2:45pm, with congratulatory handshakes for both players as Peter Lau escorted the entrants to the cage.

Personally, this is one of the better tourneys I have played in recent years as the relaxing and serene atmosphere along with the cordial nature of the poker room and players made it an enjoyable experience overall.

Now that we have that first cash out of the way, let's get onto the big tourneys!
Starting next week, the Meadows will announce their full schedule and it will be posted on the Pennsylavania Poker Players blog at

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Meadows Poker Tournaments First In Pa Poker Rooms

An unofficial announcement was made today that the Meadows Poker Room in Washington PA will begin poker tournaments on Friday August 6th, 2010 at 10:30am. The first legal poker tournament in Pennsylvania is a $40 buy in no limit Texas Holdem tourney with a 4000 starting chip stack.

The official announcement will come from the Meadows Poker Room management (Peter Lau, Donna Lapia and Jamison McCombs) by early Friday Morning. The Poker dealers, players and staff have all anxiously awaited the announcement over the last few weeks since the opening of the southwestern PA Poker Room.

This is a great opportunity for all the area's poker tournament players to come out and hone their skills in one of the best poker rooms in the region. I personally am excited to see the poker tournament opportunity come to this area, and will post to this blog the turnout, payouts and winners in the tournaments for this weekend.

ADVISORY: come early! the tournaments start at 10:30am Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and it is possible the tournaments will get capped if too many show up.

For more info, go to the Official Pennsylvania Poker Players Blog

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Harrahs Sells Rio All Suite Casino and Hotel Leaves Future of WSOP Unanswered

Rumors circulating over the last few weeks that Harrahs Entertainment is selling the Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino finally emerged as the truth yesterday when it was 'unofficially' announced that an 'as of yet unnamed' conglomerate has purchased the property.

This leaves a void as to where the November Nine will play the Final Table of the 2010 WSOP main event and further, where future World Series of Poker events will be held. Needless to say the expansive space of the amazon room, as well as the plentiful space and parking available for the thousands upon thousands of visitors each year during the WSOP series and main event could well be in jeopardy.

However, given the fact that the last several years has seen an explosive growth of participants in the WSOP series events (from 5,000 to over 7,000), it is likely the decision to sell was based on factors already considered by the Harrahs Management. Such as a new, larger home to the WSOP.

I am sure, the answers have adequately been addressed by Harrah's as to where the new WSOP events will be held as well as the logistics of accommodating the massive crowds. Speculation and rumors circulating tend to believe that Harrah's will utilize one or more of its other 7 properties on the Las Vegas strip for the new home of the WSOP.

I personally would like to see the events held closer to the Strip as when I played the WSOP, the daily commute from Harrahs to the Rio was just a bit brutal (both in terms of time and money).

As with most of the Harrahs brands, the WSOP is sure to have the media's attention when it finally decides to reveal to the public their intention on where they will hold the 2011 WSOP.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Poker Tournaments Coming to The Meadows Casino

Inside information from sources close to the Meadows Casino & Racetrack have informed me that by the middle of August 2010, The Meadows will offer No Limit Texas Holdem Poker tournaments!

What a great opportunity for all the poker players in this area as the poker tournaments will be the best in the tri-state region according to the lineup of types of tournaments and given the fact that there are a large amount of tournament players in this area.

First up, The Daily tournaments will be modest buy-ins at $40 and $65 featured in the morning and one in the evening. These tourneys will offer 4000 - 6000 in tournament chips with a player friendly and generous blind structure.

Weekly Big Buy-in poker tournaments are scheduled on Wednesday evening Bounty Hunter and a Saturday Deepstack with 12,000 in chips!

Midnight Madness is sure to be the most fun poker tournament of all! The Midnite Madness will offer $12,000 in chips, 12 minute blinds and you guessed it, starts at Midnite every Friday and Saturday night.

In addition to all this action, The Meadows poker room is also offering a Sit n Go Frenzy every friday with non stop sit n go tables open as shorthanded (6-max) and full 9 player tables. A quick way to build your bankroll for the cash games.

For full details, check out the upcoming announcement on the official Pennsylvania Poker Players website

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Meadows Poker Room Announces Shuffle up and Deal!

The Meadows poker room at the Meadows Racetrack and Casino located just outside of Washington PA announces their Poker Room schedule for this week.

July 5th: Open to the public, play money games. This practice session will help dealers become familiar with an actual game setting and allow the public to get a feel for the real casino environment. No actual real money wagering will take place during this practice day. Th public is invited to sit down at the tables and experience the various games. Times are from 8 am to 10 pm.

July 6th: Charity Day (INVITATION ONLY), This is a real money wagering test day mandated by the PGCB (Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board). From 2 pm to 10pm, anyone who has received an invitation may attend the table games where real money wagering is permitted (up to $5 max). Proceeds from this event will benefit the United Way of Washington County.

July 7th: No table Games (Regular casino is open) This day is the off day for the PGCB review.

July 8th: (Upon approval)Opening Day for the Table Games! Starts at 6am and will run 24 hrs. a day. Poker, Blackjack, three card, roulette and craps. This is the official opening day for the table games and the Poker Room.

Come out and meet the staff, the players and have a great time in one of the most beautiful casinos in Pennsylvania!

Questions? email or join the Pennsylvania Poker Players official news at

Monday, May 10, 2010

Pennsylvania Poker Players Celebrate!

Now that the Pennsylvania legislature has finally allowed Pensylvanians to play Poker (and other table games) in our local slots casinos, we can dispense with traveling 50 or more miles to casinos in our neighboring states!

It was only a matter of time, and now that the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) is beginning to approve licenses for the 9 established casinos in the Commonwealth, PA residents can now enjoy playing the game of poker closer to home.

As of this writing, the following casinos have received approval from the PGCB to begin offering table games:

The Meadows (Washington, PA)
Presque Isle (Erie, PA)
Hollywood Casino (Penn National Race Course)
Mount Airy Casino Resort (Mount Pocono, PA)
Sands Resort (Bethlehem, PA)

Of course, my casino of choice will be the Meadows as it is only a few miles from my home! I have played at Wheeling Island for the last two years and will not miss the drive (about 40 minutes each way).

The Meadows will offer poker players a large amount of opportunities and a varied selection of games, including some of the best tournaments in the tri-state area!

The poker room manager, Peter Lau, is formerly the Poker room manager of Wheeling Island as well as having more than 20 years experience at other casinos such as Foxwoods.

The Meadows will offer WSOP satellites as well as some very exciting tournament and poker cash games. Although nothing is set in stone at this point, the Meadows anticipates opening their poker room in the early part of July, 2010.

If you would like to receive notice when the Poker Room opens, as well as information on any PA poker casino, click the website and join the newsletter!

Good Luck and hope to see you at the tables!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Great Poker Gift For Your Valentine

This Valentine's Day do something extra special for your sweetheart by entering them in the WSOP (World Series of Poker)!

Wheeling Island Casino Hotel and Racetrack in Wheeling WV will host a WSOP satellite event on February 14th 2010 at 1:00 pm (EDT) in the spacious showroom on the main casino floor.

The event is a $130 entry with ONE optional rebuy of $70. Once your chipstack is below the starting stack of $10,000 you may rebuy an additional $10,000 in chips for $70.

The blind levels are 20 minutes and start at 25 - 50. The complete blind structure can be viewed here.

The event will award at least one $10,000 WSOP main event seat and $6000 in extra cash for expenses. The final table will be paid. (*based on a minimum of 132 players)

Take your sweetheart to an early Valentine lunch at the exquisite Pointe restautarant or the fabulous buffet featured on the main casino level. Wheeling Island also features all table games including blackjack, craps, roulette, 3 card poker, 2000+ slot machines and of course a 20 table poker room with all types and limits of games.

Take a chance to win your WSOP seat this year and you and your sweetheart may be able to honeymoon in fabulous Las Vegas this July!

If you have any questions or need assistance for the tournament contact the Poker Room Manager Peter Lau at 1 877.943.3546 or by email at

Good Luck! Hope to see you there!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

What a Rush! Rush Poker at Full Tilt

Full Tilt poker just introduced a new way to play poker, called Rush Poker. User input and suggestions helped to formulate this new method of online poker with a twist. Much like speed poker or the turbo Texas holdem tournaments, Rush Poker has a twist that will keep you addicted.

I took the opportunity to try out this new way to play poker online and here is my review of Full Tilt’s Rush poker.

The way the game works is you register in a ring game (cash game poker) and buy in for your desired amount. The game is not a poker tournament, rather a regular cash game. The twist is you are playing against hundreds or even thousands of other players as each table you sit down to will rotate the players.

When you first join a Rush Poker game, you are set at a table with 8 other players, and dealt your hole cards. If you choose to fold your poker hand, you are immediately sent to another table with 8 different players.

To facilitate even more speed in the game, you can ‘quick fold’ before action is on you, to go to the next table. If you do not like the poker hand dealt to you, simply click quick fold and BAM! You are at another table.

The speed in which you are dealt hands is incredible, as I played for one hour and saw 312 poker hands! In a normal online poker cash game, that would be about 5 hours of play, and in live poker, that’s about 12 hours play.

In addition to the speed in which you are deal hands, there are a few more advantages to Rush Poker: the changing players, elimination of cheating or colluding and better hand selection.

The Changing Players

Since each table you are moved to has 8 other players and there are usually hundreds of players in the game, the chances of you seeing the same people again are slim, (although it happens). This is an advantage, because if you bluff or slow play or trap, these opponents may not see you again, and hardly have time to take notes on your play.

Elimination of Cheating / Colluding

This is a big plus! Since the players constantly rotate and the odds of any two players sitting at the same table are greatly minimized, poker cheating and colluding becomes practically non-existent.

In a normal game, two or three players can easily dominate a table using text, instant messaging or any number of other methods to communicate their hole cards to each other, giving them an advantage over other players.

Colluding becomes harder and therefore the Rush Poker game becomes a better game.

Better Hand Selection

One of the hardest things for poker players is the wait between hands and folding constantly until they get a good hand. Sometimes I personally have sat one or two hours without seeing a quality hand and scooping a big pot. When I played Rush Poker, I saw 312 hands and was able to win 26 pots that tripled my buy in!

The hands come a lot faster and it seems to me that people were a lot more selective about their starting poker hands. This adds to a good game, as you have a less chance of poker bad beats when a guy is so bored he plays a junk hand and hits a miracle card to river you.

Faster poker, it appears to be the next wave in online poker, as more sites are adding turbo texas holdem tournaments, but Full Tilt is the first to introduce this new idea to the poker cash games. I look for PokerStars to add a competitive method soon as It will catch on quickly with poker players.

Learn more poker strategy by visiting the How To Win At Poker Blog

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Darvin Moon Poker Challenge Kicks Off!

The Darvin Moon Poker Challenge kicks off today at the Wheeling Island Casino Hotel Racetrack with the first of four events, a $125 buy in No Limit Texas Holdem tournament. The expected field size is about 150 players with an anticipated prize pool of over $15,000.
Each event in the Darvin Moon Poker challenge will award points to the final 20 as well as cash prizes. The points will be tallied on a leaderboard with the person getting the most points, eligible to play Darvin Moon heads up for $2000 (added by the house).

I will be playing in the event, all four of the events as well as structure and satellites are listed at go over and check it out!

Wheeling Island is offering a special room rate during the challenge of $59/night, you can call the Hotel @ 1877 WIN HERE.

If you have any questions or need assistance for the tournament contact the Poker Room Manager Peter Lau at 1 877.943.3546 or by email at

Good Luck! Hope to see you there!