Saturday, January 24, 2009

Play Poker Texas Holdem Card Game

You have seen it on television in a multitude of formats such as the World Series of Poker, The World Poker Tour, and High Stakes Poker. All of these shows feature professional Texas holdem poker players as well as a large field of amateurs. However, is it possible for any one to play poker and win huge cash prizes like on TV?

The simple answer to that question is yes you can play poker, just like the pros! An amateur poker player, Chris Moneymaker did it in 2003, winning more than $2.5 million dollars. Chris found his way to the Main Event of the World Series of Poker through online poker site Poker Stars. After winning his seat on Poker Stars, Chris went to Las Vegas and played in the Main Event, beating out a field of 838 other poker players and finally beating a seasoned pro, Sammy Farha for the first place win.

Even If you have never had the opportunity to play poker, you can do the same. The skills required are minimal, and the opportunity is limitless. A quick study of the game and lots of practice in Texas Holdem can give you the chance to play poker with the pro’s and an opportunity to possibly cash in the big one! Practice makes perfect, practice to play poker daily in the online freerolls offered by many poker sites.

If you are just learning to play poker, or if you have had some experience, a great place to start is to enter the freerolls offered by many online poker sites such as Poker Stars. These freerolls cost nothing to enter, and offer cash prizes to help you build a bankroll.

If you play poker in the freerolls, the best advice is to play a very tight game. That means that you do not want to just play any hand and hope you win, the strategy of winning is in making the right moves at the right times. There are an enormous amount of helpful sites online that teach winning strategies, just click on any of the links you see for winning, strategies, and tips to play poker.

Take the opportunity to sign up to any online poker room (I recommend Poker Stars com as the most trusted), play in the daily freerolls and work your way up to improving your game and learning to play poker like the champions. There is no requirement to deposit money at any site. Play poker online and you have the opportunity to win real cash. Remember if you need tips, strategies or help just click on any of the links provided.

Good Luck!

Play Online Poker – Free Online Games to Win Money

In our world of free offers, often there is very little value in what is being offered for free. This has made many people skeptical when the word free is used in any advertisement or article.

However, there truly is a free way to make money online and you can have fun doing it. One of the best ways to make money online is to play online poker free games. The online poker casinos call these free games ‘freerolls’.

As a kid, you may have enjoyed playing video games or online games, spending hours trying to attain a higher score or be the master of your favorite online game. However, the reward for most of these online games is a psychological win. Now there is a way you can still play online video games and make real hard cash doing it.

The Online poker industry is one of the fastest growing and easiest ways to cash in on doing what you like anyway, playing online games for free. You may have heard of several poker players that won huge tournaments online for thousands of dollars, like Chris Moneymaker (who won the World Series of Poker main event for a cool $1 million +) He got his start at, an online poker site.

Another icon in the free online games field is professional poker player Chris Ferguson, who in 2006 was challenged to make $10,000 just by playing free online poker. The challenge was to start with $0 in his account and build it to $10,000. He not only succeeded in doing this, but he surpassed his mark, and donated all the proceeds to charity.

Now your turn! Can you make money from just playing in free online poker games? YES! Take the challenge. Here is how to get started:

I have found that offers the best in free online poker games, and actually offers the easiest chance to win. Start by signing up (use the link to the right to be eligible for a $50 cash bonus).
There is no cost to sign up and you are not required to make any deposit to Poker Stars.
Once you have signed up, then go to the Tourney Tab and click freerolls. About every 40 minutes Pokerstars offers a freeroll tournament to get into the weekly. The top 48 to 90 players in the freeroll get a ticket to the weekly round 2 where you can play to win real cash. The cash prize pool is $2000, with first place usually getting over $250. The payout is usually down to 800 people with last place getting under $1.

Winning a dollar may not sound like much, however you can take that $1 and play in a low stake tournament to begin building your bankroll. Poker offers tournaments starting as low as 10 cents.
So, what are you waiting for? Go sign up using the convenient link to the right and get in a freeroll. It is FREE and you can have fun playing online games free with a chance to make money. It is better than playing online games or video games just for bragging rights.

Good Luck!