Thursday, April 30, 2009

Texas Holdem Card Game Poker Strategies

Live the excitement you see on TV! You can be a part of the World Series of Poker, The World Poker Tour, or High Stakes Poker. These shows and more feature professional Texas holdem poker players as well as an abundance of beginners. Yet, can any beginner learn to play poker and cash in big?

Unlike many sports that require professionals with certain physical attributes, a novice can play poker with the pro's and succeed. One such amateur poker player, Chris Moneymaker accomplished it in 2003, cashing in at $2,500,000. Chris began his trek to the Main Event of the World Series of Poker after taking first place through online poker site Poker Stars. Successfully beating out hundreds of opponents, Chris went to Las Vegas and settled into playing the majors at the WSOP, surviving a massive field of 838 other poker players and successfully conquering one of the most celebrated pros, Sammy Farha for the championship victory.

Even if you have never had the chance to play poker, you can do the same. The skills required are minimal, however, the possibilities are unlimited. A quick study of the game and lots of practice in Texas Holdem can give you the chance to play poker against the pro's and an opportunity to possibly cash in the big one! Practice makes perfect, practice to play poker daily in the online freerolls offered by every online poker site.

Study the game, Practice and read Mitch's Book 101 winning moves in tournament poker: You too can Play like a champ and win like a pro

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