Monday, August 16, 2010

7 Card Stud Live Poker Tournament At The Meadows

28 players anxiously awaited the arrival of the first live 7 card stud tourney in Pennsylvania, this past Sunday afternoon. Spreading a game such as 7 card stud sometimes is difficult in many casinos, not so much that the game is unpopular, rather it is underpopulated in many areas.

The Meadows Racetrack and Casino in Washington, PA aims to change that idea as a multitude of players in this area are just as well versed in the many varieties of poker aside from Texas Holdem.

Nowadays, when people talk of poker, Texas holdem is the game that comes to mind, yet a lot of new players (as well as the old school players) are venturing into and honing their skills in these ancillary games that at one time were mainstays of every poker night across the USA. Even major venues, such as the WSOP (World Series of Poker) features an annual bracelet event in 7 Card stud.

Peter Lau, poker room manager, announced last week that the Meadows will feature a special 7 card stud tournament every Sunday after several players approached him with their request. The turnout, according to Peter, was more than he had expected and the players were more than happy with the field size.

Several of the players at Sunday's tourney were satisfied and proud that The Meadows was willing to host a tourney with them in mind. The Meadows has taken a step toward becoming a true poker venue, as they also plan Omaha tourneys as well as mixed games at the players request. It is quite refreshing to see that a poker room is willing to accommodate all poker players in any variety of the game and not just offer texas holdem as the only option. Three cheers for customer service!

It is my hope that the 7 Card stud tournaments will continue to grow and attract more players each week, as Peter intends to hold the tournament every Sunday at 3:00pm. I also am anxious to see if a potential tournament satellite into the WSOP for the 7 card stud event could materialize as interest grows.

For all you stud players out there, drop by the Meadows and let Peter or the staff know you want to see more of the game, I am confident, they will listen to us, the players!

For more information on the Meadows, their Poker Room or Tournaments, please contact Peter Lau, myself or the Pennsylvania Poker Players website.

Good Luck and hope to see all you stud players next week!

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