Monday, September 13, 2010

More Ways to Discover Your Poker Strategy

As poker players, we are always looking for ways to improve our game, and ultimately increase our bottom line. Of course the regular methods of reading articles, blogs and poker books are helpful, one of the most overlooked ways to improve your poker game is in the radio media.

Over the last few years, poker radio shows have become more popular (as well as internet radio and podcasts). It is common to find professional poker players sharing their knowledge of the game on live radio stations. This is a good opportunity to expand your knowledge of the game through sincere talk from many pros.

I recently was introduced to such a radio show called House of Cards Radio hosted by Ashley Adams, author and professional poker player. The show is well formatted, wherein Ashley brings poker strategy to the listeners each week. Featuring professional poker players as well as game theorists and strategists like the recent show with Joe Navarro (former FBI profiler) on poker tells.

I was invited by Ashley to appear on the show to talk about Poker in Pennsylvania, since PA has recently allowed casino gambling in the state. My main focus, of course, is poker playing in the live casino.

The show is aired nationally on several networks as well as Internet radio stations available throughout the week. In addition, there is a section where listeners can retrieve archived shows and listen to programs they have missed.

I encourage all my readers to use this venue as a great resource for furthering your poker education by going to This weeks show features Myself and Gary Locke from New England Gaming News and will air at the following times on these stations.

Wednesday, 6 PM WPIC 790 AM West. PA / Eastern Ohio
Wednesday, 7 PM HamiltonRadio
Wednesday, 8 PM HardnoseSportsRadio
Thursday 7 PM ESPN Radio New Hampshire (WGAM)
Thursday, 9 PM WIFI 1460 AM New Jersey
Friday, 4 PM WIFI 1460 AM New Jersey
Saturday 8 AM ESPN Radio 96.7 FM West. PA / Eastern Ohio
Saturday, 10 PM TalkRadioX and KTRX 1650 AM Texas
Sunday, 5 PM TalkRadioX and KTRX 1650 AM Texas
Sunday, 7 PM HoldemRadio

For a complete list or to hear the Internet Broadcast go to the Station List

Just remember, this is one more way you can improve your game and become a better poker player!

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